Thursday, 4 November 2010

Musical Shakers

From this angle these may just look like a couple of fuzzy things so...

So here they are with Little 'Tedi 2. The outside is knitted in that horrendous to work with fuzzy wool, popped over one of hubbys painkiller pills bottles...sealed inside them with duct tape is a couple of teaspoons worth of dried is barley and the other lentils. The dried beans against the plastic give a good maracas type of noise.

Little 'Tedi 2 has had a great time jumping about and shaking them, so i took one to Little Tedi 1s teacher at nursey school...and I'm not actually sure whether Little Tedi 2 or the teacher gave me the bigger excited expression LOL. One of the other teachers mentioned that they used to have a few things similar years ago that made different noises when they were shaken, some with sand, others with dried beans,shingle,pebbles etc. We aquire 3 plastic bottles every 4 months, so why not use them instead of flinging them out. Noisy things for nursery as we go :-)

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